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Attention First-Time Buyers! Buying a home with zero-down payment is ending soon.

New mortgage rules will soon eliminate "cash-back" mortgages, which provide upfront cash to help cover your down payment. Securing a down payment through a loan or unsecured line of credit is also becoming more difficult to get.

Qualified homebuyers who are deciding whether to buy now or keep saving should take a look at these opportunities now while they are still available. Why? Buying today means you can take advantage of today's historically low fixed mortgage rates. And zero-down helps you get into your home now so you can save potentially thousands in rent, and get a jump start on building wealth. In a recent survey of first-time buyers commissioned by TD Canada Trust, 55% wished they had bought sooner!

A zero-down mortgage is not for everyone but if you have a stable income, good credit and the ability to comfortably handle your monthly mortgage payment and ongoing housing expenses, you may want to consider this time-limited opportunity. We can review your situation and help you determine if zero down is the right financial decision for you. We'll make sure you are clear on what's involved, and that you understand your closing costs and all of your monthly homeownership expenses.

If you want to consider this option, you need to act now. Scotiabank just announced that their Free Down Payment mortgage will be discontinued September 15, 2012.

Source: INVIS-MI

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